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Delphinium Gyotaku Truth

Dynamic Web Solutions

Accessibility, SEO, cross browser compatibility, progressive enhancement & graceful degradation, screen reader compatibility, cell phones, mobile devices and PDA's (we're talking about electronic handheld information devices...NOT a Public Display of Affection). By creating a web site with CSS/XHTML we focus on the things that matter today and prepare for tomorrow...

The Surf Sanctuary site allows viewers and potential customers a glimpse into the daily happenings in Nicaragua. The site is highly interactive- with a daily updated surf report and fishing report...

Explorador Site

Basically a "site within a site." The Explorador site is the sister ship (no pun intended) to even argue that it is a nicer design than the main site!

The LonePaddler project is currently underway. The template will be implemented into a full CMS thus allowing the administrator to make photo and text changes...

iBuitre! was first conceived in the late summer of 2007. However, the long awaited and deliberated final logo creation thus the birth of iBuitre! was not until the spring of 2008. The actuality of creating the first Nicaraguan surf company was not in realized until much later...

Vintage Motor Bike Cafe was designed as a blogging platform for lovers of all vintage motor bikes!

SHAPES, the official website of Shapes by Jay Gordon. SHAPES is a clean, lean conceptual machine. The grid is based on the "golden proportion," which correlates mathematically to the spiral of a nautilus shell.

Claro 2008 Circuito Nacional de Surf Nicaragua goes live! The splash page directs the language of preference, Spanish or English. From there it is a CSS three column layout. The site features:

  • Allows competitors nation wide to view their current rankings.
  • Updates for current contest postponments or rescheduling.
  • Profile of the month: interviews with the nations best surfers.
  • Photo Galleries

My Take On It All

The Internet. The Net. The Web. Cyber Space. Digital Super Highway. What ever you call it, this ia an ever-changing medium. The constant flux of ones and zeros flying above our heads is the embodiment of what we call the World Wide Web. Unlike print, the web is dynamic, interactive and can be instantly changed with simple implementation of a new style sheet. Today’s technology allows us to work faster and more easily than ever.

At the same time, creating and designing for the web requires facing new, unforeseen challenges around ever corner. The simple fact is that because technology is ever changing, we as designers must be constantly learning. This is Web. Being constanly presented with these challenges is what makes it interesting. Overcoming and obstacle, to me, is the equivalent of leaping a giant hurdle or solving a mystery . All the pieces now fit in place, and suddenly everything makes sense! This is the reward.

As a web designer I have lead a path that could arguably be called "nerdy, geek-ish and tech savvy." To an extent I agree, lets face it, who wants to stare at code until your eyes pop out? For me, the challenges become more rewarding every time I pull off some spiffy, stylish technique... something until recently thought nearly impossible.


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