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Andrew Foster

Andrew was born in Denver, Colorado. He then moved to California where he was raised. Living in San Diego and later San Francisco he attended grade school. In 1998, Andrew moved to Jacksonville, Florida where he attended Duncan U. Fletcher Senior High.

During the collegiate years, Andrew followed lifelong passions while continuing his studies. Andrew graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of North Florida in the fall of 2006.

After graduation, Andrew lived half of the year in Playa Santana, Nicaragua at The Surf Sanctuary. There, he worked as a surf/fishing guide and artist, freelance web/print designer. Much of his inspiration was derived from the surroundings and daily life of Central America. Andrew aspires to return there soon.

Andrew Foster

Currently Andrew works as deckhand aboard M/Y Honey, a 112' Westport in North Palm Beach, Florida. While on the job, he traveled to the Caribbean for the 10'/11' winter season.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys taking photos, sketching, making fish prints with his catch, creating other forms of fine art and helping others. Fishing, surfing and skateboarding are also time highly enjoyed by the ole lad. Andrew enjoys a night off the yacht every so often. He has been spotted shooting craps in the casino, pretending to be a real yacht captain in feeble attempts to impress the females and claims to have found the lost island of Atlantis.

Andrew is an active environmentalist, member of the Surfrider Foundation and dedicates time to organizing beach clean ups and youth environmental education. Andrew hasn't won anything worth talking about or received any certificates, merits or even an honorable mention. Yet.


Live every day to the fullest.
Live a happy and peaceful life.
Be a pleasant, well mannered individual.
Live by moral and ethical values.
Grow great.

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